Win fraud. Change economics of fraud against fraudster.

The old ways of verifying identity are now unreliable and a new way of proofing real identity is necessary. Static and easily replicable information is used to create a fake identity.
Old solutions rely on static personal information.

How much faster can Apple growth engine run with local payments ?

Apple currently offers a very narrow set of payment methods. When digital content becomes a commodity with a walled garden of subscriptions, devices, contracts and playlists. Creating a path for customers that leads to your doorsteps is a imperative for growth. If one click and auto renewals are the life blood of purchase and renewals; resulting in ever increasing MRRs, then you need to stop cart abandonment due to lack of right set of payment methods. Conversion, the first crucial step has to happen without which you can not leverage service for returns.

Turning Social Data into Financial Opportunity. How a Startup Predicted the Brexit Vote Accurately.

Brexit was a vote of epic proportions, it was highly contested and extremely volatile. It wasn’t just new rules and regulations, processes and procedures, the outcome had major effects on people and their lives. Needless to say, sentiments ran high. Not only for individuals but for the entire United Kingdom population. Many took to Twitter to voice their opinions and express their thoughts to the world.

Cost of Payments

Cost of Payments is an elusive and mysterious topic. There is hardly a mention on the web, no clear definition or explanation found.
Cost of payments is a double edged sword, on one hand it is a necessary evil, on the other, a formidable revenue driver. Regardless of which side you are on, you ought to know how to qualifying and quantifying costs. It is an important metric to watch. Improving cost efficiency is a not optional and can be time consuming, so plan ahead and review often.